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Turner Baker is a family owned company that specialises in the construction and repair of new and existing chimneys and flues. We deal with a huge variety of chimney problems from the appliance right up to the chimney pot. We have experience of working on all different kinds of properties from cottages to castles. We have solutions for open fires, stoves and boilers. Our services include inspection of chimneys and flues with detailed reports given afterwards, consultation on all aspects of your fireplace, chimney Birmingham and flue design, as well as complete installation and any necessary repair work. All of our services are carried out by our team of trained Chimney Birmingham Technicians.

Chimney Inspections

We offer chimney inspection on any type of chimney. During the inspection, we review the structure and soundness of your chimney Birmingham and flue to guarantee that it is safe for you to use.

When you use your open fire, wood burner, gas appliance or boiler you want to do so safely and with the knowledge that any fumes produced is able to escape up the flue without any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or a dangerous chimney fire.

A flue is the hidden part of your property which can pose various risks to your safety.

A good chimney survey can give you a detailed understanding of the condition of your chimney and is very useful in the following scenarios:

  • When looking at reinstating a flue that hasn’t been used for a long time, especially in older properties
  • To check if the property’s flue(s) is safe to use in their existing condition
  • To find out if there has been any damage to the flue after a chimney fire
  • To plot the shape of a flue in an older property
  • To provide evidence to insurance companies on the condition of the flue

The different inspections that we offer:

  • A CCTV survey
    • This survey will give detailed information on the condition of your flue interior. What it won’t tell you is how well your flue works. To establish this, there are two different smoke tests available:
      • Dynamic smoke test – This test checks the draw rate of an appliance or open fire. In other words, when there is a fire lit, a dynamic smoke test is designed to establish if the smoke escapes up the flue efficiently or if it fills the room with smoke. This is the test that most chimney sweeps will offer to undertake.
      • Static smoke test – This test checks the integrity flue. When an appliance is used or a fire is lit, it checks if any smoke leaks from the flue into other rooms of your property.

Chimney Design

As well as existing chimney Birmingham inspections, we also offer a consultancy and chimney design service that is popular with architects and building companies.

We can work closely with our clients, architects and building engineers to ensure that any flue in the property is suitable and safe for the desired application. We can provide a full design service using CAD software, specifying flue size and materials. We can then either supply materials where required or undertake the full installation ourselves.

Installation and Chimney Birmingham Repair Work

We are lucky to have a team of amazing chimney tchnicians who are all fully trained in all aspects of chimney and flue work including installation of new systems and repair of old ones.

One of our most popular chimney services, is chimney lining. We have several different systems available to suit all kinds of chimney and flue.  Check out 3 examples below of the liners that we supply and fit:

Furanflex liners

Furanflex thermosetting resin lining system is a relative newcomer to the market. In simple terms, it is a soft malleable material which can be inserted into a chimney and is then steamed or ‘cured’ into a hardened structure that is resistant to heat and high temperatures. This makes it a perfect choice for a flue liner.

The Furanflex liner was introduced to the UK in 2010 following a rigorous testing to ensure that it met UK safety standards. The product has now been certified by BBA (British Board of Agreement see website here www.bbacerts.co.uk).

There are many benefits to using a Furanflex lining system. Firstly, the product is installed as a flexible tube. For properties with chimneys that have bends in them, which is common for older properties, this is a great benefit.

The liner can be installed freestanding so not to attach to the inside of the chimney, and it can mould to take the existing shape of the chimney which maximises the cross-sectional area of the flue. Various other lining systems are a set shape and can reduce the size of the flue which in turn affects performance.

Additionally, the Furanflex liner doesn’t adhere itself to the chimney and can therefore be removed if necessary.  This makes it the perfect lining solution for heritage properties that have listing restrictions which won’t allow for permanent changes to the structure.

The Furanflex lining system is guaranteed to protect your chimney for 25 years. In the unfortunate event of a dreaded chimney fire, systems such as stainless steel will need to be replaced before a flue can be used once again. The Furanflex system is able to withstand very high temperatures so therefore in theory should be able to withstand a chimney fire. However, any flue that has experienced a chimney fire should always be inspected along its length prior to being reused.

Chimney Birmingham

Stainless steel flue liners

The entry point into chimney and flue linings is made from stainless steel. They can be available in either the flexible format (to accommodate bends in the chimney or flue) or as a rigid piece. Flexible stainless steel liners are supplied as one long piece whereas rigid stainless steel is supplied in sections which are slotted together.

We hold flexible stainless steel flue liners for either multi fuel stoves or for gas and oil appliances.

Pumice Flue Liners           

Isokern Flue Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique property that separates pumice from all other chimney Birmingham materials.

The insulating properties of Pumice allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their maximum temperature enabling the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance shortly after igniting.

It also keeps the chimney warmer for longer as the heat output of the appliance decreases – once again aiding its’ performance and reducing the likelihood of condensation and build-up.

Turner Baker aren’t just about lining flues. We also deal with property damp, structural issues, fireplaces, hearths, cowls, chimney pots and chimney fans.

Turner Baker is a certified supplier and installer of the Exodraft range of chimney fans. These can be used to drastically improve the draw in existing chimney installations where an open fire or appliance spills smoke into a room, or as part of a new installation where a tall flue is either not possible either due to design or cost limitations.

If you would like more information on any of the services that we provide, please contact our team on 01432 839123

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