Corroded Stainless Steel Liners

Corroded Stainless Steel LinersWhat are Corroded stainless steel liners?

Stainless steel liners come as a range of products from rigid insulated liner systems to flexible stainless steel flue liners. The liners are available in a number of different grades, including 316 and 904L. The higher grade stainless steel contain greater quantities of chromium within the steel matrix. However over time these liners can break down and become perferated

What causes Corroded Stainless Steel Liners?

Although stainless steel flue liners are designed for a wide range of situations and appliances some fuels and applications can generate highly corrosive conditions within a flue. Biomass boilers burning waste materials can generate high volumes of HCl condensate within the flue causing rapid corrosion of the stainless steel structure. Domestic use of some fuels high in sulphates, such as standard house coal will also produce highly acidic conditions within the flue. The effect of these conditions is the rapid corrosion and failure of the stainless steel flue, requiring the stainless steel flue to be replaced.

Corrosion may also occur if a stainless steel liner is inserted into an existing masonry flue that already contains a build up of acidic salts within it. This is a common occurrence in flues that have been used over a period of time for a solid fuel range. If this appliance has been using fuels with high sulphate levels, such as house coal, the conditions within the masonry flue in rapidly corroded stainless steel liners.

What can be done?

Turner Baker Ltd are able to supply a range of products either to reline existing stainless steel flue systems, such as the FuranFlex25 lining systems, or an alternative replacement, such as the Isokern Lining Systems.