Leaking Flues

Leaking flues causing staining and salt build up on a chimney stackWhat are Leaking Flues?

If a home owner can smell smoke in any part of their property when a flue in a chimney stack is being used, this is generally due to smoke escaping from a leak in the flue.  As the flue passes through the property smoke and flue gasses can leak from a damaged flue either into adjoining flues, or into attic spaces and floor voids.

What are the signs of Leaking Flues?

Signs that flue gasses are leaking from a flue can include:

  • Smoke odours in rooms and in extreme cases a haze of smoke may be visible.
  • Dark tar stains on the chimney breast, either within the property or externally.
  • Dark smoke marks on carpet edges around electrical fittings and on decorations.
  • Smoke appears through more than one chimney pot at the head of the chimney when the flue is being used.

What are the dangers of Leaking Flues?

Wood smoke contains CO, NOx and carcinogens, such as benzene, and pose a health risk when inhaled. Gasses from leaking flues can also deposit tar and creosote into attic voids creating a significant fire risk.

If a leaking flue is subjected to a chimney fire, the flue will not prevent the fire from penetrating into the property. This may result in a fire spreading rapidly from the flue into the property itself.

How are Leaking Flues repaired?

The normal process to repair a flue that leaks is to install a suitable liner within the existing flue. The type and size of liner used will depend on the open fire or appliance the flue is serving. Turner Baker can supply and fit a wide range of flue liners, ensuring we have a suitable solution for most flues.  For more information on types of liner, please click here.