Chimney Fans

exodraft chimney fansexodraft chimney fansExodraft Chimney Fans

Turner Baker is a certified supplier and installer of the Exodraft range of chimney fans. These can be used to improve the draw in existing installations where an open fire or appliance spills smoke into a room, or as part of a new installation where a tall flue is either not possible either due to design or cost limitations.

Are they noisy?

No. Unlike some fan manufacturers each Exodraft fan installation is individually assessed, and only specified after an appraisal has been processed through Exodraft’s own sizing programs. This is done to ensure the correct fan is selected, making sure that it not only works as desired but also that sound levels are kept to within acceptable limits.

Is a fan suitable for you?

If you have a fireplace or appliance that is not drawing properly, or if you have a new installation, and are unable to construct a chimney stack or flue to the height specified by the manufacturer a chimney fan could be the solution you require.

What should I do?

Please contact Turner Baker Ltd on (01432) 839123 if you require further information on the Exodraft range of fans, or if you would like to arrange for an engineer to visit to undertake an appraisal.

Once an appraisal form has be completed, Turner Baker Ltd will submit the details and rapidly come back to you with a recommendation and quote for the installation of your chimney fan.

Download Exodraft Chimney Fans Brochures