Structural Damage

Structural Damage on a chimney stackWhat causes Structural Damage to a chimney?

Smoke contains acidic compounds which, when deposited onto the masonry of the flue, can attack the mortar and masonry weakening the structure of the whole chimney. This, combined with water penetration from the weather and fracturing from frosts, can leave a chimney stack in a very unstable state. The result could be either damage to the faces of some of the brickwork, the loosening of a few bricks, or the collapse of the entire chimney stack.

When is the Structural Damage dangerous?

The potential danger caused by the structural damage to a chimney stack will depend on the extent, and position, of the damage. A site visit, and a full inspection of the chimney stack, is normally required to asses the full extent of the damage, and understand the risks that it poses.

If you suspect there is any damage it should be inspected by a suitably qualified professional. They will be able to ensure that the chimney does not pose a risk to people or the property through falling debris.

What can be done?

Turner Baker Ltd can undertake the entire repair project, which will start with a visit to the property and a full inspection of the chimney stack to asses the extent, and risk, of any damage. Repair work then may involve may re-pointing the masonry, or the entire rebuilding of the chimney stack. Once completed the chimney stack will be left in a safe and stable condition.