Smoking Fireplace / Poor Draw

A smoking fireplace or stoves with poor draw can cause smoky smells and stainingHaving smoky fireplace can be very unpleasant but more importantly, it could be dangerous. Poor draw and down drafts can result in smoke spilling from the fireplace (smoking fireplace) or stove when it is in use. Whether your fireplace is smoky all the time or only occasionally, you must look into the reasons behind this.

What are the symptoms of a smoking fireplace?

Smoking fireplaces or stoves can cause a number of problems, ranging from soft furnishing and curtains retaining a smell of smoke to carbon monoxide poisoning to people in the room. You might observe staining or smoky grey patches above your fireplace or stove.

What causes a smoking fireplace?

A smoking fireplace could be a sign of a structural problem, where the flue size does not match the fireplace or stove. This can mean that smoke isn’t drawn up into the flue correctly.

It could also be caused by poor flue maintenance and lack of cleaning, due to the flue becoming restricted and blocked. It can also be dependent on the weather conditions and be affected by both wind direction and speed, or ambient air temperature. Indicators of this can be smoke staining above either the fireplace or stove.

Before calling in the experts, do check that you damper is open and that the room is adequately ventilated.

Treating Poor Draw

Turner Baker are able to undertake inspections to ascertain the causes of the problem, and from there design and implement a solution. We can visit homes nationwide to assess the nature and extent of the problem before offering you a solution and quote.