Chimney Survey

Chimney Surveys

If you are purchasing a new property, if you wish to assess any damage that might have occurred during a chimney fire for insurance purposes, or simply to inspect the condition of redundant or live flues in your property a chimney survey is what you require. This can can reveal a wide range of issues within the flue.

Turner Baker Ltd are able to undertake full CCTV surveys, Smoke Tests, Flue Mapping and Drone inspections to give a full overview of your flues and chimney stacks to assess their condition.

CCTV Inspections

Turner Baker Ltd engineers are able to use small CCTV cameras, mounted on rods and inserted within the flue, to inspect the internal condition of the flue. We are then able to supply the client with a digital recording of the inspection. A written report, with recommendations, can also be supplied if required.

Smoke Tests

Smoke test can be performed in two variations. A dynamic smoke test will test the draw on a fireplace or appliance, and ensure it does to spill flue gasses. A static smoke test can also be undertaken, where the flue is sealed and smoke released within it. This will test the veracity of the flue and ensure it does not leak and is gas tight.

Flue Mapping

Transponders can be inserted within the flue and then tracked as they pass through the property. This allows the exact course of the flue to be mapped, allowing any future work on te flue to be carefully planned.

Aerial Drone Inspections

Turner Baker Ltd are able to arrange for an aerial drone inspection of an external chimney stack to be undertaken, where access by ladders is restricted. This allows a visual inspection of the structure of the chimney stack, and the position of the flues at the head, to be undertaken.

Please contact Turner Baker Ltd on (01432) 839123 if you are interested in any of these services.

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