The Warning Signs That It’s Time for Chimney Repair Bath

Do I Need Chimney Repair Bath?

Many people do not realise that they have a chimney in their property which means that they are unaware that their property could potentially be at risk of damage. You’d be surprised to learn that most properties in the UK have a chimney, with them being popular in previous years. Many chimneys in properties have been boarded up however it is still your responsibility as the property owner to ensure that it is safe. Here at Turner Baker, we have over 25 years experience in advising, chimney repair Bath and installing chimney flue liners. If you’re interested in a professional chimney survey to evaluate the state of your chimney or flue liner, please call us on 01432 839123.

Chimney Repair Bath

Looking After Your Chimney

To look after your chimney and keep it in a safe and useable state, you must have experts perform work on it. Your chimney is a potential risk to people outside as well as inside of your home. Over time, your chimney will weaken and become damaged. There are many external and internal reasons that could cause this. This can cause parts to break off. We recommend, for best practice when looking after your chimney, is to have it regularly swept. The frequency of its’ sweeping depends on the fuel used:

  • Smokeless fuel – At least once a year
  • Wood – Quarterly when in use
  • Bituminous coal – Quarterly when in use
  • Oil – Once a year
  • Gas – Once a year

You must be aware that it is not just the gases and fuels that damage your chimney, but also natural causes, just like any other part of your property. Please check out our guide for how to spot when your chimney needs repairing.

The Smell of Smoke is Present In your Home

If you are able to smell smoke in your property, this can mean that there is a leak or severe damage to your chimney and it’s flue liner. The flue liner is an integral part of your chimney which secures the inside so that no smoke or harmful gases can escape into your property. However, similarly to the exterior of your chimney, the interior and the flue liner can deteriorate and become damaged over time. The team at Turner Baker are here to advise and install new flue liners to the properties in and around Bath. For worst case scenarios, you will also be able to see smoke pouring into the rooms of your property from your chimney. This smoke will carry the harmful gases as well as damage your furniture. Regular chimney sweeps will prevent this.

Chimney Fire!

Chimney fires are highly common in the chimney’s of properties. They can often go unnoticed and therefore remain untreated and not made safe to be around. A chimney fire can start from blockages such as bricks, bird nests and other rubble. This will then stop smoke from leaving the chimney and potentially create sparks which can then turn into a fire. The lack of air and fuel can then exacerbate this and make the fire spread. Temperatures inside of your chimney during a chimney fire can reach 1,100 degrees Celsius, which can destroy bricks and mortar. The damage isn’t always visible on the chimney breast, which is why we recommend having your chimney inspected using a CCTV inspection regularly to ensure the integrity of your chimney and the flue inside.

Loose Bricks and Other Blockages

Weathering and general ageing can speed up the process of deterioration of your chimney’s main structure, on top of chimney fires. If you notice that your brickwork or mortar is beginning to crumble or wear away from the exterior, then this could mean that the smoke from your fire is now able to leak into other rooms of your property, and spread the harmful gases around. Having your chimney lined is one way to prevent this and upkeep your chimneys integrity. It is also common for loose bricks and mortar to fall inside and create blockages. These blockages can stop the smoke from your fire exiting up through the chimney, which will then cool and leave thick deposits attached to the interior. A build up can increase the risk of a chimney fire so we recommend regularly chimney sweeping to remove these.

Structural damage to the chimney stack

The smoke from your fire , no matter the fuel, contains highly acidic compounds which will attack the mortar and masonry weakening the structure of the whole chimney, when deposited onto the masonry of the flue. This can leave a chimney stack very unstable and a high risk to people around. This is especially so when combined with natural weathering. The result could be either damage to the faces of some of the brickwork, the loosening of the bricks, or even the collapse of the entire chimney stack.

It is also important to remember that the inside of your chimney will degrade with age and use in much the same way as the external structure does. You won’t be able to see this, but we can guarantee it will happen. If your chimney and flue is very old and has been used to burn coal in the past it may also have issues with salt deposits, which continue to wear away at the brickwork long after being deposited.

More information on different types of chimney problem can be found here

Chimney Repair Bath Solutions for Common Problems

Here at Turner Baker, we strongly recommend having your chimney lined to solve a majority of the  problems mentioned above. This is the best method of protecting the internal structure of your chimney or flue.

A flue liner, in simple terms, is just a tube that fits down inside an existing chimney or even an existing flue in an older property. We offer them in a variety of different materials such stainless steel, pumice, silica polymer and thermosetting resin. Our team of chimney experts are here to advise you on the best one most suited for your property.

Flue liners are now obligatory for new builds so that they are in accordance with building regulations Document J. This means that if you are building a new property with a chimney that you intend to use for heating purposes then it must be suitably lined.

Here at Turner Baker, we are fully qualified to install a variety of different flue liners. These include:

Please call Turner Baker Ltd on 01432 839123 if you are interested in any of these lining products or would like to inquire about our chimney repair Bath services, and we will be happy to advise you on the system that is right for you.


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