New Fireplace and Flue, Wiltshire

Property Description

The client had recently purchased an old farmhouse and the property was in the process of undergoing a full renovation. The client required a new fireplace and flue.


Although there were already a number of existing fireplaces and flues within the property, due to the re-modelling of the property the dining room was being relocated and the client required an open fire within this room.

The client contacted Turner Baker Ltd to seek advice on the practicalities of installing an open fire within this room. The client was also conscious that it would need to be constructed properly and the flue designed correctly if it was to work without smoking.


Turner Baker Ltd visited the site to understand exactly what the client was looking for and to discuss the options.

After an initial discussion it was agreed that Turner Baker Ltd would supply the necessary materials for the fire opening and flue to the site to be constructed by the main contractor. It was agreed that Turner Baker Ltd would provide advice as required and would also specify ventilation requirements to ensure the construction worked and complied with current Building Regulations.


The client supplied Turner Baker Ltd with achitects drawings of the proposed fireplace and chimney stack. Turner Baker were then able to supply the client with an Isokern Manor Firechest and sufficient Isokern Flue Liners and backfill, with construction drawings, to allow the main contractor to build the new fireplace and flue in the property.

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