Condensate Staining, Herefordshire

Property Description

The property is located in rural Herefordshire and is of an Edwardian style construction. The property is currently in use as an hotel but one of the rooms was unsuable due to condensate staining.


Heavy staining had started to appear in one of the first floor bedrooms. The owner of the property had already had the leadwork inspected with no problems found.

Turner Baker Ltd undertook an inspection and determined the cause of the condensate was the flue from the oil boiler situated in the cellar of the property.

Access to the head of the chimney was not easily possible due to the position of the stack and the adjoining structures.


As the existing stainless steel liner had failed the client requested a more durable solution as a replacement.

Turner Baker Ltd recommended a FuranFlex Black liner, which carries a 20 year Insurance Backed Guarantee.


In order to access the chimney stack Turner Baker Ltd arranged the hire and delivery of a Skyjack SJ66T access platform. This could be positioned away from the property and still give suitable safe access to the chimney.

Once access was achieved the original stainless steel liner was removed and a new FuranFlex Black liner inserted within the flue cavity.

The liner was then cured and the existing boiler reconnected to the flue.

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