Corrosive Flue, Herefordshire

Property Description

The client owned a property that contained a solid fuel Aga. The Aga had been installed many years ago in the kitchen and used an unlined flue, resulting in a very corrosive flue.


The flue gasses from the Aga contained high levels of sulphates, which had impregnated the brickwork along the line of the flue. This was evident by the salt deposits and damp staining in the attic and on the first floor.

The client wanted to resolve this issue and wanted to know if  lining the flue with a stainless steel flue would be suitable. The client was also keen to avoid the cost of scaffolding the chimney stack if possible as the work on the chimney would only take a few days.


Due to the acidic conditions within the flue, caused by long term use of coal on the Aga, the installation of a stainless steel flue would have been unsuitable as it would have rapidly corroded and perforated.

It was therefore recommended that an Isokern liner was installed as this would not react to the acidic conditions within the flue.


Access holes were made into the flue above the Aga and in the attic space to allow the flue to be lined to roof level using Isokern Flue Liners.

Turner Baker Ltd then arranged for a 22m hydraulic access platform to be delivered to site, giving safe access to the head of the chimney. The flue could then be lined from the attic to the head of the chimney.

Access holes were then repaired and re-plastered leaving a safe working flue. The client was then able to remove the plasterwork on the first floor, fit a membrane and then re-plaster.

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