Damaged Clay Liners, Herefordshire

Property Description

The property is a new property, constructed with brick just over 10 years ago. The flue is also constructed with brick and was lined with 175mm dia damaged clay liners


In 2014 the client arranged to have cavity wall insulation installed at the property. A contractor was found and they then blew a lightweight insulation into the cavities of the property.

Later in the year when the flue was swept, as part of the client’s regular maintenance program, cavity wall insulation was found to have penetrated the flue. At this point the owner of the property contacted Turner Baker Ltd to seek advice on how to proceed.


Turner Baker Ltd undertook a site survey and inspection. The client was then advised of the the dangers of using the flue, if the insulation had penetrated into the void around the flue liners.

Turner Baker Ltd prepared a written report for the home owner, that they were then able to present to the insulation contractor’s insurers so that agreement could be made over how to resolve the issue.

The proposal was therefore to remove the existing clay liners and clear all insulation from around the flue liner. Once this was achieved, and the wall cavities sealed the flue was relined using Isokern Flue Liners. These were chosen due to their durability and good thermal properties.


Initially access holes were made into the flue through the external brickwork, to ensure as little disruption within the property as possible. The existing liners were then removed using a mechanical flail, and the void behind cleared of all flammable material.

Once the chimney stack was cleared new Isokern flue liners were installed, and on the fourth day the external brickwork was repaired and the site left tidy.

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