Chimney Problems

Chimney problems include structural and draw problemsChimney problems can include:

  • Leaking Flues

    Flues leaking flue gasses anywhere over its length

  • Tar Build Up

    Flues with heavy deposits of tar and other hydrocarbons either within the flue or on the external masonry

  • Damp & Staining

    Flues and chimney breasts with staining and a build up of condensates

  • Poor Draw

    Open fires, stoves and otrher appliances that spill smoke causing odours and staining

  • Chimney Fires

    Flues and chimney stacks that have undergone a chimney fire

  • Structural Damage

    Chimney stacks and flues with damaged, or poor, masonry

  • Corroded Stainless Steel Liners

    Stainless steel liners that have corroded and perforated.